PPSC Past Papers MCQs Of 2023 Of URDU

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Here we have some most important PPSC past papers mcq’s of 2023 of urdu. These are the multiple choice questions of urdu which appeared in different type of tests conducted by PPSC in year 2023 till now. So if you are preparing for any PPSC test which contains URDU in syllabus then these are very important mcq’s for you.

Try to read these PPSC Urdu past papers questions at least couple of times for better understanding and preparation. We hope that these mcq’s will be of great help for you PPSC 2023 test preparation. Mcq’s are provided below:

————نہ منہ میں دانت نہ پیٹ میں

  1. انت
  2. بال
  3. چانپ
  4. دل

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گریز کس شعری صنف کا حصہ ہے

  1. قصیدہ
  2. مرثیہ
  3. مثنوی
  4. نظم

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گھر سےگھر تک کس کی تحریر ہے

  1. احمد ندیم قاسمی
  2. غلام عباس
  3. رشید امجد
  4. انتظار حسین

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احمد ندیم قاسمی

Punctuation in Urdu is known as:

  1. اعراب
  2. زیر
  3. زبر
  4. رموز اوقاف

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رموز اوقاف

کس براعظم میں صحرا نہیں ہے؟

  1. Europe
  2. Australia
  3. N.America
  4. S.America

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کمپیوٹر کا بانی کس کو کہا جاتا ہے؟

  1. Barbara Liskov
  2. Tim Berners-Lee
  3. Charles Babbage
  4. John von Neumann
  5. None of these

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Charles Babbage

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