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Chemistry MCQs play a pivotal role in various competitive exams, including those conducted by PPSC, FPSC, and NTS. Aspiring candidates for job tests in 2024 often encounter challenging questions in chemistry. Past papers’ chemistry MCQs serve as valuable resources for test preparation, providing insight into the question patterns and exam trends.

For PPSC chemistry MCQs, candidates should focus on key topics like chemical reactions, periodic trends, and molecular structures. FPSC chemistry MCQs may cover diverse areas, including analytical, inorganic, and organic chemistry. NTS test takers should familiarize themselves with a broad spectrum of chemistry concepts.

Effective preparation involves regular practice with chemistry MCQs from past papers, helping candidates gauge their strengths and weaknesses. Emphasizing essential concepts, staying updated on industry trends, and utilizing online resources can significantly enhance performance in chemistry MCQs for job tests. Successful navigation of these questions is crucial for achieving favorable outcomes in competitive examinations and securing desired employment opportunities.

Here below are some important Chemistry MCQS with answers and PDF for free download is available at the end:


1. **Question:** Which element has the chemical symbol “Br”?

   – A) Bromine

   – B) Boron

   – C) Barium

   – D) Beryllium

   – **Answer:** A) Bromine

2. **Question:** What is the chemical formula for nitric acid?

   – A) HNO2

   – B) H3NO

   – C) HNO3

   – D) H2NO3

   – **Answer:** C) HNO3

3. **Question:** What is the main component of natural gas that gives it its odor?

   – A) Methane

   – B) Ethane

   – C) Propane

   – D) Butane

   – **Answer:** A) Methane

4. **Question:** Which of the following is a transition metal?

   – A) Zinc (Zn)

   – B) Aluminum (Al)

   – C) Iron (Fe)

   – D) Calcium (Ca)

   – **Answer:** C) Iron (Fe)

5. **Question:** What is the chemical symbol for lead?

   – A) L

   – B) Pb

   – C) Pt

   – D) Pd

   – **Answer:** B) Pb

6. **Question:** In the periodic table, which group contains noble gases?

   – A) Group 1

   – B) Group 2

   – C) Group 17

   – D) Group 18

   – **Answer:** D) Group 18

7. **Question:** What is the chemical formula for hydrochloric acid?

   – A) HCl

   – B) H2CO3

   – C) H2SO4

   – D) HNO3

   – **Answer:** A) HCl

8. **Question:** Which gas is produced during the process of respiration in humans?

   – A) Carbon dioxide

   – B) Oxygen

   – C) Nitrogen

   – D) Methane

   – **Answer:** A) Carbon dioxide

9. **Question:** What is the chemical symbol for potassium permanganate?

   – A) K2MnO4

   – B) KMnO2

   – C) KMnO4

   – D) K2MnO2

   – **Answer:** C) KMnO4

10. **Question:** What is the unit of measurement for radioactivity?

    – A) Joule

    – B) Curie

    – C) Newton

    – D) Watt

    – **Answer:** B) Curie

11. **Question:** Which metal is a liquid at room temperature?

    – A) Mercury (Hg)

    – B) Gold (Au)

    – C) Silver (Ag)

    – D) Lead (Pb)

    – **Answer:** A) Mercury (Hg)

12. **Question:** What is the chemical formula for acetic acid?

    – A) CH3OH

    – B) C2H5OH

    – C) HCOOH

    – D) CH3COOH

    – **Answer:** D) CH3COOH

13. **Question:** Which gas is responsible for the smell of rotten fish?

    – A) Ammonia

    – B) Hydrogen sulfide

    – C) Methane

    – D) Ozone

    – **Answer:** B) Hydrogen sulfide

14. **Question:** What is the chemical symbol for silver?

    – A) Si

    – B) Ag

    – C) Au

    – D) Al

    – **Answer:** B) Ag

15. **Question:** What is the chemical formula for glucose?

    – A) C6H12O6

    – B) H2O

    – C) CO2

    – D) CH4

    – **Answer:** A) C6H12O6

16. **Question:** Which element is a halogen?

    – A) Fluorine

    – B) Sodium

    – C) Magnesium

    – D) Potassium

    – **Answer:** A) Fluorine

17. **Question:** What is the chemical formula for sulfur dioxide?

    – A) SO

    – B) SO2

    – C) SO3

    – D) S2O

    – **Answer:** B) SO2

18. **Question:** Which gas is used for extinguishing fires?

    – A) Oxygen

    – B) Carbon dioxide

    – C) Nitrogen

    – D) Helium

    – **Answer:** B) Carbon dioxide

19. **Question:** What is the chemical symbol for tin?

    – A) Ti

    – B) Sn

    – C) Tn

    – D) In

    – **Answer:** B) Sn

20. **Question:** Which of the following is a greenhouse gas?

    – A) Oxygen

    – B) Nitrogen

    – C) Methane

    – D) Helium

    – **Answer:** C) Methane

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