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As we all know that Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC), NTS (National Testing Service) and many other testing services keeps on announcing the jobs for chemistry teachers, lecturers and others. Here we Testing Capital are providing you ppsc chemistry mcqs with answers in pdf for free download so you can prepare them for your chemistry subject related test.

These are the chemistry mcqs with answers specially taken from PPSC and NTS past papers. They solved mcqs of chemistry so you don’t have to search around the internet to find the correct answers. They are also important mcqs for PPSC chemistry SST jobs and are in pdf format. So you can download them and read them out any time from anywhere.

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Some of the mcqs are taken from the Chemistry mcqs books for PPSC. These PPSC chemistry mcqs with answers are also important for any chemistry subject related entry test or job tests.

PPSC Chemistry Mcqs Pdf Download

Here we have compiled 100’s of mcqs of chemistry. These are very important and most repeated mcqs of chemistry taken from different chemistry tests. Below here are first 10 mcqs of chemistry you can download other from pdf file available for free download at the end of this article.

1. The probability of finding the electron in the nucleus is:

(a) 100% due to forces of attraction
(b) finite for all orbitals
(c) Zero for all orbitals
(d) Zero for some orbitals and finite for others

2. Ore of Aluminium:
(a) Calamine
(b) Dolomite
(c) Bauxite
(d) Limestone

3. Shell N has sub shells
(a) One
(b) Two
(c) Three
(d) Four

4. Relationship between atomic masses of several groups of three elements
(a) Tetrad
(b) Triad
(c) Bivalent
(d) Pentavalent

5. Br35 has electro negativity
(a) 4.0
(b) 3.2
(c) 3.0
(d) 2.7

Chemistry important mcqs solved in pdf are at the end for free download.

6. All inter molecular forces collectively called

(a) Dipole-dipole
(b) Hydrogen bonding
(c) Van der waals
(d) Ionic bonding

7. Carbon monoxide is poisonous gas because it:

(a) replaces oxygen from lungs
(b) forms carboxy haemoglobin
(c) Forms carbon dioxide with oxygen
(d) has a sweet smell

8. Ketones can be prepared by reaction of Grignard reagent with:

(a) Acid Amides
(b) Acid Chloride
(c ) Carboxylic Acid
(d) Epoxides

9. Which of the following is not aromatic?

(a) Benzene
(b) cyclooctatetraene
(c) Pyridine
(d) Phenol

10. Which of the following tests is not used to identify aldehydes?

(a) Tollen’s test
(b) Benedict solution test
(c) Fehling solution test
(d) Ammonia test

PPSC Chemistry MCQ’S

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