Biology MCQs for 2024 Tests: A Comprehensive Guide with Focus on PPSC, FPSC, and NTS Exams

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Are you preparing for biology tests in 2024? Acquiring a strong grasp of essential concepts is crucial, and practicing with biology MCQs can significantly enhance your exam readiness. Whether you’re gearing up for PPSC, FPSC, or NTS tests, biology MCQs are indispensable tools for self-assessment. These questions, akin to those found in biology past papers MCQs, offer a comprehensive review of topics like cell biology, genetics, physiology, and ecology.

The biology MCQs for 2024 tests cover diverse areas, ensuring a well-rounded preparation. By tackling these questions, you reinforce your understanding of key biological principles and improve your test-taking skills. With a focus on PPSC and FPSC, these MCQs align with the examination patterns, providing an effective means to assess and boost your knowledge. Make the most of this resource to excel in your biology tests and confidently tackle the challenges that 2024 brings. Happy studying!

Below here are some Biology important MCQS with answers PDF can be downloaded at the end!!


1. **What is the powerhouse of the cell?**

   – A) Nucleus

   – B) Golgi apparatus

   – C) Mitochondria

   – D) Endoplasmic reticulum

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C) Mitochondria

2. **Which gas do plants absorb during photosynthesis?**

   – A) Oxygen

   – B) Carbon dioxide

   – C) Nitrogen

   – D) Hydrogen

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B) Carbon dioxide

3. **What is the process by which green plants make their own food?**

   – A) Respiration

   – B) Photosynthesis

   – C) Fermentation

   – D) Transpiration

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B) Photosynthesis

4. **Which part of the human brain is responsible for regulating basic bodily functions like breathing and heart rate?**

   – A) Cerebrum

   – B) Cerebellum

   – C) Medulla oblongata

   – D) Hypothalamus

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C) Medulla oblongata

5. **What is the function of red blood cells?**

   – A) Transporting oxygen

   – B) Fighting infections

   – C) Clotting blood

   – D) Carrying nutrients

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A) Transporting oxygen

6. **Which organelle is responsible for detoxifying harmful substances in a cell?**

   – A) Mitochondria

   – B) Endoplasmic reticulum

   – C) Golgi apparatus

   – D) Peroxisome

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D) Peroxisome

7. **What is the largest organ in the human body?**

   – A) Heart

   – B) Liver

   – C) Skin

   – D) Lungs

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C) Skin

8. **What is the role of RNA in protein synthesis?**

   – A) Carries amino acids

   – B) Acts as a template for protein synthesis

   – C) Transmits genetic information

   – D) Controls cell division

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B) Acts as a template for protein synthesis

9. **Which gas is responsible for the greenhouse effect on Earth?**

   – A) Oxygen

   – B) Nitrogen

   – C) Carbon dioxide

   – D) Methane

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C) Carbon dioxide

10. **What is the process by which cells divide to form new cells?**

    – A) Reproduction

    – B) Mitosis

    – C) Meiosis

    – D) Fertilization

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B) Mitosis

11. **Which vitamin is synthesized in the skin when exposed to sunlight?**

    – A) Vitamin A

    – B) Vitamin C

    – C) Vitamin D

    – D) Vitamin K

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C) Vitamin D

12. **What is the function of the kidneys in the human body?**

    – A) Digestion

    – B) Filtration of blood and urine formation

    – C) Oxygen transport

    – D) Hormone secretion

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B) Filtration of blood and urine formation

13. **Which type of tissue connects muscles to bones?**

    – A) Nervous tissue

    – B) Connective tissue

    – C) Epithelial tissue

    – D) Muscle tissue

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B) Connective tissue

14. **What is the purpose of the lymphatic system in the body?**

    – A) Circulation of blood

    – B) Digestion of food

    – C) Transportation of oxygen

    – D) Immune defense and fluid balance

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D) Immune defense and fluid balance

15. **In which part of the human digestive system does the absorption of nutrients primarily occur?**

    – A) Stomach

    – B) Small intestine

    – C) Large intestine

    – D) Liver

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B) Small intestine

16. **Which hormone is responsible for regulating blood sugar levels?**

    – A) Insulin

    – B) Thyroxine

    – C) Adrenaline

    – D) Estrogen

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A) Insulin

17. **What is the function of the alveoli in the respiratory system?**

    – A) Production of mucus

    – B) Exchange of gases (oxygen and carbon dioxide)

    – C) Filtration of air

    – D) Vocalization

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B) Exchange of gases (oxygen and carbon dioxide)

18. **Which type of cell division results in the formation of gametes (sperm and egg cells)?**

    – A) Mitosis

    – B) Meiosis

    – C) Binary fission

    – D) Budding

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B) Meiosis

19. **What is the primary function of the pancreas in the digestive system?**

    – A) Producing insulin

    – B) Storing bile

    – C) Digesting carbohydrates

    – D) Producing digestive enzymes

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D) Producing digestive enzymes

20. **What is the purpose of the circulatory system in the human body?**

    – A) Filtration of blood

    – B) Digestion of food

    – C) Transportation of nutrients, oxygen, and waste products

    – D) Regulation of body temperature

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C) Transportation of nutrients, oxygen, and waste productsd

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