PPSC Past Papers MCQs 2023 of Islamic Study

Get PPSC past papers MCQ’S of 2023 of Islamic study from here in PDF for free. If you are preparing for any PPSC Test which in syllabus includes Islamic Study or Islamiat then you are at a right place. Here you can study and download important questions of Islamic studies taken from the year 2023 PPSC Past Papers. Keep on visiting from time to time because we update it on daily basis. Hope this will be of help to you for PPSC 2023 Test Preparation.

The year of death of Tahzeeb ul Ahkam writer is:

  1. 460 Hijri
  2. 400 Hijri
  3. 489 Hijri
  4. 381 Hijri
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460 Hijri

Who was the Last writer Kitab-e-wahi?

  1. Hazrat Ali(RA)
  2. Hazrat Abi bin Kaab(RA)
  3. Hazrat Umar (RA)
  4. Hazrat Abu Hurairah (RA)
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Hazrat Abi bin Kaab(RA)

What does Taraweeh means?

  1. To Rest
  2. To sit
  3. To Stand
  4. To Pray
  5. None of these
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To Rest

Battle in which Holy prophetﷺ not participated is known as__________?

  1. Jaziya
  2. Sariyya
  3. Sayee
  4. Al-Fay
  5. None of these
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In which battle Hazrat Jaffar Tayyar was martyred?

  1. Moota
  2. Badar
  3. Tabook
  4. None of these
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Which surahs are called Mauzatain?

  1. Last four surahs
  2. First two surahs
  3. Last two surahs
  4. all of these
  5. None of these
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Last two surahs

Which surah of the Holy Quran has Bismillah twice?

  1. Al Noor
  2. Al Nahl
  3. Al Naml
  4. Al Ra’d
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Al Naml

Which mosque was ordered by Allah to destroy?

  1. Zirar
  2. Mushrikoon
  3. Kafiroon
  4. None of these
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Which religious follower are not allowed to eat saree while keeping fast?

  1. Christianity
  2. Jews
  3. Both of these
  4. None of these
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Both of these

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