PPSC Past Papers MCQs of English Of 2023

Here we have provided you with many PPSC past papers MCQ’S of English taken from the PPSC past papers of 2023. Some solved past papers questions are available to study from below and some are available in pdf at last page. ILMKEY is the only website providing PPSC solved past papers of each Year Subject wise. You can also study and download other Subjects and Past papers From here:

(What) did he want you to do? identify (what) in this sentence act as:

  1. pronoun
  2. adverb
  3. adjective
  4. noun
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I was used to ___ same problem

  1. Facing
  2. Face
  3. Faced
  4. None
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Cyclones means:

  1. earthquake
  2. large system of wind
  3. strom in sea
  4. none
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large system of wind

Analogy: “After :Before”

  1. present: past.
  2. first: second
  3. successor: predecessor
  4. contemporary: historic
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‘Cat is to Kitten’ as Dog is to —————‘?

  1. colt
  2. puppy
  3. calf
  4. baby
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She is living alone so——- to look after—–.

  1. No one/her
  2. Someone/her
  3. Everyone/she
  4. None of these
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No one/her

Who is trying to defend you there? What is “WHO”

  1. Interrogative pronoun
  2. pronoun
  3. both
  4. none
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Interrogative Pronoun

The idiom “To bury the hatchet” means what?

  1. To agree to end a quarrel
  2. Frequently
  3. Again and Again
  4. None of the above
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To agree to end a quarrel

Put up with meaning?

  1. happy
  2. tolerate
  3. upset
  4. none
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Put into meaning?

  1. spend time
  2. waste time
  3. both
  4. none
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Spend Time

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