Biology Mcqs For NTS, PPSC And FPSC

Here we are providing you some biology mcqs (Multiple Choice Questions). These are ppsc important biology mcqs available for free download. These mcqs here also contains some biology mcqs for nts test preparation. Some mcqs are taken from fsc biology and  mcqs are in pdf for free download. Thses solved biology mcqs can also be helpful for subject specialist biology mcqs test preparation.

These are ppsc and fpsc biology mcqs will help students to score better in tests. Here these are most repeated and most important biology mcqs which will be helpful for preparation for any biology subject related test. Thses mcqs are from all sub categories of biology includig molecular biology mcqs, botany mcqs, zoology mcqs and microbiology mcqs and much more.

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Biology Mcqs For PPSC and FPSC

Here some biology mcqs for ppsc and fpsc are mentioned below and some on the next page and you can also download biology mcqs for free from the end of next page. biology mcqs include biology mcqs about cell structure, biology mcqs about blood compositions, biology mcqs about inheritance, biology mcqs about genes, biology mcqs about biotechnology and many more topics are included in them.


1. Haemodialysis means cleaning of
(A) urine
(B) blood
(C) glomerular filterate
(D) coelomic fluid

2. Production of sweat and sebum is related with
(A) skin
(B) liver
(C) lungs

3. The evaporative cooling in the respiratory tract of dogs is called
(A) vasodilation
(B) vasoconstriction
(C) panting
(D) all of these

4. Which of the following pathogen type cause disease that can be treated with antibiotics?
(A) bacteria
(B) fungi
(C) virus
(D) none of these

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5. Most cell membranes are composed principally of
(A) DNA ad protein
(B) protein and lipids
(C) protein and chitin
(D) protein and RNA

6. Which from the following is NOT the function of Enzymes?
(A) speed up chemical reaction
(B) digest food substances
(C) involved in cellular respiration
(D) maintain healthy epithelial tissues

7. The small intestine consists of
(A) duodenum, jejunum and ileum
(B) duodenum, caecum and ileum
(C) duodenum, jejunum and rectum
(D) caecum, colon and rectum

8. Red Blood Cells are produced by the
(A) kidneys
(B) Lungs
(C) Bone Marrow
(D) Lymph

BIOLOGY Mcqs In PDF Download

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