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Here we bring you some important Pakistan studies mcqs. These pak study mcqs will help you for the preparation of all type of nts, ppsc, fpsc and entry tests. These pak study mcqs are in pdf format available for free download. These pak study mcqs are also for nts test preparation. These are solved pak study mcqs so you don’t have to look around to find the correct answers.

These Pakistan studies mcqs pdf file contains constitution of Pakistan mcqs, indo pak history mcqs and subcontinent history mcqs and much more in pdf file for free download.

Pakistan studies mcqs in pdf are for free download you can download from the end by just clicking on the download button.

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Pak Study MCQS

Below you can find some pak study mcqs with answers. These pak studies mcqs will play a huge in preparation of any test. Some pak study mcqs are below and some on next page. You can find other 100s of mcqs in pdf for free download at the end of next page. Feel Free to download in PDF.

Pak Study MCQS:

1. The Khilafat in Turkey was abolished by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk on 3 March
(A) 1922
(B) 1924
(C) 1926
(D) 1928

2. Allama Muhammad Iqbal delivered his address at Allahabad in:
(A). 1929 AD
(B). 1930 AD
(C). 1933 AD
(D). 1935 AD

3. The first Prime Minister of Pakistan was:
(A). Muhammad Ali Jouhar
(B). Quaid-e-Azam
(C).Liaquat Ali khan
(D). Iskandar Mirza

4. The word “Pakistan” was coined by:
(A). Allama Muhammad Iqbal
(B). Chaudhary Rehmat Ali
(C). Sir Agha Khan
(D). Sir Syed Ahmed Khan

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5. Pakistan coastline is about _______ km long.
(A). 700
(B). 800
(C). 900
(D). 950

6. The Second Chief Minister of Pakistan was:
(A). Iftikhar Hussain Khan
(B). Mian Mumtaz Daultana
(C). Feroz Khan Noon
(D). Abdul Hamid Khan Dasti

7. “Pakistan Day” is celebrated throughout Pakistan each year on
(A) 23 March
(B) 14 August
(C) 6 September
(D) 25 December

8. The inaugural session of the First Constituent Assembly was presided over by
(A) Quaid-e-Azam
(B) Sir Aga Khan
(C) Liaquat Ali Khan
(D) J.N. Mandal


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