What Is ISSB Test Eligibility Criteria?

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ISSB eligibility vary from post to post and by qualification of the candidate. ISSB eligibility criteria for Pak army is different from the ISSB eligibility criteria of Pak Navy and the ISSB test criteria for Pak Air Force is also different.

ISSB test requirements are quite simple as citizen of Pakistan or permanent residents of Azad Kashmir or Gilgit Baltistan can apply for ISSB test after fulfilling the following age criteria: Intermediate having age 17 – 22 years. Graduates (2 years program) having age 17 – 23 years. Graduates (4 years program) having age 17 – 24 years.

ISSB Test Requirements For Males

For ISSB the minimum age requirement for males to appear in ISSB test is 17 years and the maximum age limit is 35 years. Age requirements are different for each course in ISSB. The issb test requirements for males on education basis is the minimum education to apply for ISSB test is Matriculation and maximum education could be any. Aspirants can apply for issb test after graduation by satisfying the age and percentage criteria of courses they want to apply in ISSB.

ISSB Test Requirements For Females

There are many courses in ISSB for females as well. But issb test requirements for females may vary for females from males. The age and education requirement are same in almost all the courses. But the minimum height requirement for females is 5 feet but for males the minimum height requirement in ISSB is 5 feet 4 Inches.

ISSB Test Rules

The ISSB test rules and ISSB test procedure is quite different from other organizations. Firstly a candidate has to pass ISSB initial test. The selected candidates from ISSB initial test are called for ISSB test which comprises of 4 days of different test. After clearing the 4 day tests of ISSB the selected candidates are called for the training in their prescribed armed force academy.

How Many Candidates Are Selected In ISSB?

A question asked by almost all the aspirants isHow many candidates are selected in Issb. So for that ISSB is fulfilling an important responsibility by selecting potential officers, for the armed/defence forces of Pakistan. The current capacity of ISSB is to test a maximum of 300 candidates for a batch of 4 days, Overall having capacity of testing about 20,000 candidates in a year.

How Many Tests In ISSB?

Another most repeated question asked by candidates is how many tests in issb. So guys there are many different types of tests conducted at ISSB. Each course have different criteria and requirement. All the courses with their eligibility criteria are explained in detail in this article.

ISSB Test Subjects

As we know ISSB conducts different types of tests. So the most important issb test subjects are from which most of written tests and intial test is taken from are as:

. General Knowledge

. Pakistan Affairs

. Current Affairs

. General Sciences

. English

. Mathematics

. Chemistry

. Physics

. Computer Science

The ISSB intelligence Test comprises of two parts which are:

  1. Verbal Intelligence Test
  2. Non- Verbal Intelligence Test

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