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As always today we bring you some of the pts past papers in pdf for free download which will help you for your pts test preparation. Here we will give you a complete guide about the pts test papers pattern and how you can do Pakistan testing service test preparation. As you already know PTS conducts the tests for numerous departments and posts and it is very important for the candidate to know the pts paper pattern and syllabus before starting the preparation of the test.

Almost every pts question paper contains a significant amount of questions which have already appeared in different pts past papers. So it is very important for aspirant that he/she must prepare some of the pts old papers. This will surely give them an idea how tough or easy their pts paper is going to be. Here we have provided you with some pts past papers pdf file for free download that will help you for your preparation. We don’t suggest you that you just only prepare these pts past paper you must also consider preparing other material also. You can also find some Pakistan testing service book in the market in hard form but we will also try our best to provide pts test book in pdf here on this platform as soon as possible.

PTS Paper Pattern Pakistan Railway

The paper pattern and syllabus is always mentioned in the job advertisement to give you guys an idea the pts paper pattern for Pakistan railway test is mentioned below.

70 Percent Marks For (Written Test)

30 Percent Marks For (Interview )

The pts test pattern for wapda is also the same as mentioned above. Almost every job test that PTS conducts follows the same pattern. But sometimes the pattern does change according to the requirement of the recruiting department.

PTS Sample Past Papers PDF

Past papers are always be very useful for any type of pts test preparation. An aspirant can also consider these pts past papers as a pts sample paper to check their prep. They should try to solve these pts sample test questions after they are done with their pts test preparation consider this pdf as a real paper and solve it a day before the actual pts Pakistan test. The pts sample paper pdf provided here will give you an idea how pts testing paper is going to be and which topics or subjects you have to focus more during your pts test preparation. Soon here we will also upload pts sample paper for sub engineer and also pts sample papers for pso trying to solve these pts past papers will increase your time management skills and will also highlight your weak points and areas.

From below you can download the pts past papers pdf file. Soon here we will also upload some pst past papers for free download. For pts past papers free download you just have to click on the download button below your download will begin shortly after.

We will try to upload here at least one pts past papers solved pdf for free download. If you want pts past papers solved pdf do stay in touch with us we will soon be publishing it here. You can also check out some pts solved mcqs on our you tube channel. We will soon be uploading some pts test mcqs videos on our channel do check it out.

Hope these PTS past papers in pdf will help you for your pts test preparation. If you have any query comment below we will soon get in touch with you. Do follow us on social media platforms as well to stay connected with us. Also Subscribe our channel. Thanks for your love and support.

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