21.Pakistan lies between the latitudes of 24 degree to:
(a) 36.75 degree North
(b) 36.75 degree East
(c) 36.75 degree West
(d) 36.75 degree South

Answer (a) 36.75 degree North

22. The length of Pakistan from North to South is:
(a) 1200 km
(b) 1400 km
(c) 1500 km
(d) 1600 km

Answer (d) 1600 km

23. Give the percentage of South Asian land covered by Pakistan:
(a) 12.24 percent
(b) 18.78 percent
(c) 26.32 percent
(d) 32.21 percentage

Answer  18.78 percent

24. With which country, Pakistan share 2,430 km long border?
(a) India
(b) Iran
(c) Afghanistan
(d) China

Answer  (c) Afghanistan

25. Pakistan shares 2,912 km long border with:
(a) India
(b) Iran
(c) Afghanistan
(d) China

Answer (a) India  

26. Durand line was demarcated in 1893. This line forms:
(a) Pak-China border
(b) Pak-Afghan border
(c) Pak-India border
(d) Pak-Iran border

Answer (b) Pak-Afghan border

27. Which mountain range has a length of 2700 km?
(a) Himalayas
(b) Karakorum
(c) Hindu Kash
(d) Pir Panjai

Answer (a) Himalayas

28. Which mountain range has an average altitude of 4200 to 4500 meters?
(a) Koh Sulaiman
(b) Koh Hindu Kash
(c) Pir Panjal
(d) Karakoram

Answer (c) Pir Panjal  

29. Which peak is located in Karakorum Range?
(a) Nanga Patbat
(b) Rakaposhi
(c) Takht-e-Sulaiman
(d) K-2

Answer (d) K-2

30. What is the height of Nanga Parbat?
(a) 26660 feet
(b) 27512 feet
(c) 27815 feet
(d) 28214 feet

Answer (a) 26660 feet